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Our Services

Bar code Data Collection Solution

Barcode label software packages effectively manage all of your tracking, mobile computing, and data collection needs. Full traceability, reporting functionality, and completely customizable system databases allow you to accurately track the precise location, movement, or application of any item in your inventory library, saving you time and packaging manpower in the process.

Labeling and Identification

Barcode Labels and Label Printing Systems for Identification and Tracking Labeling and identification needs range from printing barcode shipping labels to line-side labeling for part marking to RFID printing and encoding. You need an expert resource to help you choose the right labeling and identification system for your application requirements and we at Addwell can provide with the same.
Addwell is a pioneer in barcode and labelling and identification systems. We supply everything you need for a complete labeling and identification system, including the hardware, software.
We’re premier business partners with the top label printing equipment providers – our customers rely on our expertise for labeling and identification systems that improve accuracy, reduce costs, and enable you to better serve your customers.

Printhead replacement

Although all the products we provide are quality products with excellent reliability and durability, however parts such as printheads tend to wear out over the period of time. These are readily available from the brand manufacturers and can be sourced directly from them. Our technicians are well trained to replace these parts once they arrive at your premises. Should there be any such need, please contact a member of our team and our technicians are readily available to install the replacement to exacting engineering standards for a consistent performance of your printer.

Equipment Service

We take pride in the quality of the products provided which makes them completely reliable, however, over a period of time due to the usages, wear and tear may require services of the equipment. Our team of qualified technicians are always available to help with any unexpected needs or concerns that you may have. Even if you don’t have major issue, our experts can help you with any every day concerns.